The evening before ward round

Instead of writing about ward round itself like in my previous post, I’m just going to write about this evening.

I struggle with keeping myself busy so I decided to sit in the lounge with some of the other girls (whilst still working on my blog) and we chilled out listened to music etc. which was really nice. We also did some scrapbooking together. One of the patients even put an adorable facebook status up saying she was enjoying our campany (- Ive posted the screenshot as the header for this post).

Normally for the past few weeks id have been asleep by now (cause they started me on Clopixol) but they ran out of Clopixol in the afternoon so I missed one dose. Its good that i feel back to my usual self (- aka going to bed midnight ish) but at the same time not good because waking up for meds at 7.30 will not be pleasant at all especially if I’ve stayed up! Then due to not enough hours of sleep (for me anyway ) I’ll probs end up napping which isnt great cos I wake up in a worse mood that I was in before.

Had some prn earlier to help me settle before bed so I will try to sleep again shortly.


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