My attempts to save money whilst inpatient

So the main 2 things I spend money on reguarly is pepsi max and tobacco. I am not allowed out on leave yet so my parents withdraw my cash whenever they visit every few weeks (the staff arent allowed to withdraw cash on my behalf) and the staff go to the shop on my behalf. And sometimes if Ive run out of cash before my parents next visit, I do a bulk pepsi max and tobacco tesco order and delivery. (Seriously, the nurse’s face when carts of pepsi were being delivered to my room was priceless!)

However at the moment due to me overspending, we decided to cancel my card and the account and are in the process of opening another one

Because this is going to take a while, I have to rely solely on the cash my parents withdraw for me between each visit, and if I run out, I’m screwed. Which leads to the ecigarette hoping I will save money by making my tobacco last longer

I was using an e max one that a patient sold me but I got my mum to order (with my money of course) a better one (the brand is called “kik”). The main attraction to the e cigarette was all the possible different flavoured liquids you can buy – still with different strengths of nicotine in – one of the patients gave me all her liquids. So I have cherry, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and bubblegum flavours. Also I do admit that I am a lover of gadgets!

The vapour flows smoothly and puffing on it is rather addictive. Its really handy when youre bored and need something to do with your hands, and cannot be bothered to go downstairs for a real smoke (we have hourly breaks here). So far I have only smoked 3 or 4 today which is progress. Because I am probably excessively puffing on my e cig, I dont feel the cravings as much for a real one anymore.

Thus saves money by making my tobacco last longer.

So yeah, it’s been pretty successful. I have a good supply of liquids for my ecig and about 30-40 pounds to last for when my parents come back from their holiday in Japan (they are going this week but not sure how long for) – and I’d like to say that I think I will manage just fine!


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