Unexpected friendships in undesirable circumstances.

So I’ve been in psychiatric hospitals and different mental health care homes consistently for nearly 7 years now – which has been more difficult than words can express. But I have met the most amazing people along the way. The majority of my friends are actually people I have met in these places – some have completely turned their lives around and some that are still suffering a lot. But although I absolutely hate having been in these places (for keeping me alive mainly), I wouldn’t change it because I wouldnt have met all these amazing people otherwise. 

People assume sometimes that just because two friends have mental health problems, that’s the only thing they talk about. Wrong. Its the person whom we bond with, not because they are also struggling. I’ve been out shopping with them, pub crawls – we have just as much in common as friendships not made in MH circumstances, the only difference is that we can relate to each other a lot better and can therefore support and understand each other. (Not saying that friendships with people not being in the same situations are less enriching)

I won’t go into the details of the most prominent friendships I’ve made and how we met cause I could end up making a book.But I will share a very recent encounter Ive had.

Myself and this amazing girl have been following each other and communicating on instagram for a long while now (we were once in adjacent care homes a while back!). And it now turns out we are now in the same hospital but different wards. The other day I was on my way back to the PD ward after a cigarette and she recognised me, called my name and gave me a massive hug which made my week. It was so amazing to finally meet her face to face. 

Hopefully when I become more stable, we will be allowed out together to go for coffees or something- so that would be something to aim for.

So yeah. Again, another amazing new friend made in an indesirable circumstance. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I plan to write about all the silver linings that have come out from being in different psychiatric hospitals and MH care homes, but I will do that as a separate post another day when it’s not so late.


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