30 day blog challenge – Day 2 – 20 facts about me

Ok here goes  (in no particular order)

  1. I am 21 years old
  2. I was born in the UK in Essex
  3. I am of Chinese heritage (my grandparents moved to Malaysia and my parents were born there but they met in England)
  4. I haven’t lived with my parents since I was 16 (due to mental health and a lot of other factors
  5. I apparently have a good but weird sense of humour – but if you dont laugh you cry
  6. I have a cat named Olly who is about 14 months old now. I adopted him when I was in my last rehab MH care home and lived with him for the 7 months til I got sectioned again so now he is with my parents
  7. I also have 2 pet tortoises who also live with my parents
  8. I love pepsi max to the extent on drinking 2 litres a day!
  9. I am very flexible and often unintentionally sit in weird positions. I can put both feet/legs  behind my neck.
  10. I currently have 10 piercings but I want my tragus re pierced and a scaffolding piercing
  11. I currently am in a psychiatric ward for people with personality disorders
  12. I suffer with emotionally unstable personality disorder  (aka BPD), atypical anorexia nervosa, severe depression and suspected complex PTSD. But these do not define me as a person.
  13. I am a sucker for gadgets
  14. I love Costa – mainly the coffee coolers. When I wasnt in hospital, I used to go there nearly every day! I like Starbucks too but not as much.
  15. I keep a journal and I also frequently write poetry.
  16. I have a wide range of music taste. I prefer rock genre, ballads and songs with meaningful lyrics but I also do love a bit of upbeat feel good music. There are bands that I like but I mainly pick a few songs from an album rather than favouriting the whole album.
  17. I am addicted to my phone and the internet. Not many of my friends live around the area Im in at the moment so it’s important to keep contact with the outside world.
  18. I never blow dry my hair or use heated appliances on it and very rarely use hairspray etc.
  19. I can play the piano – I was meant to take my grade 8 exam but was hospitalised
  20. I can also play the saxophone– I got a distinction on my Grade 5 exam but haven’t played in years.

Hope I haven’t bored you!


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