Sleepless nights (poem)

Don’t you hate those sleepless nights?

When no rest for you awaits?
With racing thoughts you fight,
And feelings you cannot shake?​

From the torture that’s called life,
Surely I’m allowed a break?
But instead I softly cry
There’s not much more I can take.

Each breath feels so heavy
And I can barely stand.
My pulse is not so steady
Due to life’s endless demands.

What have I done to deserve this?
Trapped all alone with my fears?
I tremble and I clench my fists.
My clothes are drenched in tears.

Each second lasts a lifetime
I think of the day ahead.
When I’ll forced to function,
Filled constantly with dread.

Don’t you hate these restless nights?
And the fact you are still awake?
Soon the room will be filled with light
And more smiles you’ll have to fake. 

By e.y.h.l

This is a poem I wrote a few months ago. I am having another sleepless night tonight so I thought it would be pretty apt to share it. Hope you like it x


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