If you’re crazy and you know it, shake your pills

A larger percentage than you would have thought of are in fact on medication for their mental health issues, whether it is an antidepressant for mild functioning depression or tranquilisers for anxiety. And then there are the more extreme and less common than the above forms mental illness such as psychosis, bipolar and schizophrenia who are on less common but still widely known forms of medication.

When I was first hospitalised at the age of 15, it was a massive shock. I expected it to be like a general hospital. I did not know of the restrictions so commonly put into practise, and I never thought that being on medication for mental health problems really existed. Since then I have been on almost all medication under the sun, being in so many mental health hospitals or care homes. There are some medication tjat have had adverse effects on me, some that made me feel like a zombie and some I purely would not wish on anyone.
At the moment I am on a few different medications, but the most recent is Clopixol, an antipsychotic that is also prescribed as a mood stabiliser. I was put on it nearly 6 weeks ago when I was transfetred to the unit I am currently in. I am at the moment on a once weekly depot injection of the Clopixol – it’s meant to be more slow releasing in injectiom form. To be honest I don’t have a choice whether to take this or not due to being under section.

 The most important is that it does not have any weight gain or appetite increase side effects. However it makes your jaw really stiff and eyes roll back, hence why I take the anti-side effect tablets on a regular basis.

The main problem I am having with it at the moment is the tiredness. I will be sleeping in the afternoon, getting up them falling asleep at dinner time.  I hate feeling out of control. Last night I managed to fight the tiredness and by 8pm the tiredness had completely gone. But this meant me sleeping from 11.30pm til nearly 4pm today!!! 

I really hope the tiredness will ease because it’s extremely annoying feeling unable to sit and chill out without falling asleep. But for now I shall end the rant there.

Hope you are all having a good weekend. 


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