30 day blog challenge – Day 21 – What makes you sad

Oh wow this is a huge question. So many things make me sad but I will try and narrow it down. 

The main thing that saddens me is human nature. The way we are so destructive and self destructive. We hurt ourselves and each other, emotionally and physically, and the worst part is we don’t even mean to half the time, it’s just the way we are. Even the nicest person in the world can hurt someone without realising it. There are so many invalidating things we say to one another which feeds into the belief that we cannot trust another person. But maybe this is just my pessimistic perception. I’m not sure if I’ve made any sense or not.

Also, although I love my parents, I have never had the type of relationship with them where I can emotionally rely on them (not by any fault of theirs) and it’s really hard because I wish I had an adult figure to run to who could be strong dor me. That makes me sad, especially the fact that my wishes can’t be met. I still feel like I am a little girl, but in reality I am 21, an adult, and no one would really feel the need to look after me. 


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