Got my phone back!

So I’m allowed my phone back thank goodness! I’m only allowed it in communal areas but that’s pretty much all the time because they’ve decided to lock my room all day until I go to bed at night. I’m trying really hard to manage but it’s so hard. I feel like a part of me is missing. It’s hard to explain.

Last week I was more than happy to tell them I wasn’t ready to be here but they spoke to me and said I would get my freedom back eventually and that I needed to work with them. And it’s been hard as f***. But I will never know if they can help me if I don’t give it a chance, right?

Anyway, now I am back in touch with wordpress I will be able to continue doing my 30 day challenge, even if it is rather overdue.

Lastly, have a photo of my adorable cat Olly. 

This was taken last year when he was only a few months old. I adopted him myself from a family who had litter and I lived with him in one of the care home step down residential homes I was in, but he has lived with my parents ever since I got sectioned again in May. He has a good relationship with my parents which is good, but if it isn’t too disruptive for him, I’m hoping to take him back when I’m better

I hope all you out there are having a good start to the week. Thank you too all who have taken your time to read this


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